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What are the penalties for impaired driving violations?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2024 | Drug Charges |

In New York, impaired driving is a crime with crucial legal and fatal consequences. Consuming alcoholic drinks or taking drugs can negatively impact your judgment and coordination, both of which are crucial behind the wheel.

If a law enforcer pulls you over and discovers traces of alcohol or drugs in your system, you may face drug charges. Violating impaired driving laws may lead to suspension of your driver’s license and, in some cases, even jail time.

The legal consequences of impaired driving

If you are found guilty of driving while impaired by alcohol, a court may revoke your license for 90 days. You may even face a 15-day jail sentence and pay fines.

However, those who commit more serious offenses may face harsher penalties. If you commit the same violation within five years, the suspension can last at least six months.

If a court charges you with aggravated driving while intoxicated, you may face a one-year suspension. Repeating the same offense within 10 years is a class E felony, and you may have to go to jail for four years.

Multiple alcohol or drug-associated violations within 25 years may also result in harsher sanctions. You may also face a permanent suspension of your license for three or more convictions within 10 years.

Reducing the risk of impaired driving charges

Several factors impact your level of impairment. These include the amount of food you consume before you drink, the amount of alcohol or drugs in your system, and your body weight.

It is wise to refrain from driving altogether if you will be drinking. Instead of driving yourself home, you may get a ride home from a sober friend, use a rideshare service or call a cab.

If you are going out with friends, agree on a designated driver who will not be drinking or using drugs so you will have someone who can drive safely.