Safeguarding Your Interests In New York Criminal Courts

If you are fearing the worst after a criminal arrest — punishments like jail or state prison, heavy fines, a criminal record — there may still be time to protect your rights.The criminal defense attorney you want on your side when the chips are down is Michael R. Franzese.At The Law Firm of Michael R. Franzese in Mineola, you receive every benefit of our dedication to safeguarding your interests, in and out of court; investigation of the circumstances surrounding your arrest for drugs, or domestic violence; skilled negotiations with prosecutors (attorneys Mr. Franzese once worked with); and litigation against them, on your behalf, in a courtroom if necessary.

Don’t speak to authorities until you have spoken to Michael R. Franzese. Don’t allow yourself to be defined by the charges against you. Don’t surrender to harsh penalties without a fight.

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Were your rights violated by a warrant-less search of your home or motor vehicle? Are the violent crime charges against you the result of self-defense? Is a business partner’s vendetta against you the reason you were investigated for a financial crime?

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