The Experienced Legal Guidance You Need After An Arrest For Drunk Driving.

An arrest for driving while impaired can lead to life-changing penalties, such as jail and/or fines and revocation of your New York driver’s license.

With the stakes at their highest, the experienced Nassau County DWI/DUI and drunk driving defense attorney you want in your corner is Michael R. Franzese — founder of The Law Firm of Michael R. Franzese.

Mr. Franzese is the first person you should talk to when police stop you in traffic and a Breathalyzer test registers your blood-alcohol content. That equipment could be defective or subject to malfunction. A legal prescription drug may have caused erratic driving to be mistaken for drunk driving by police. Bad weather and hazardous roads can also fool law enforcement into thinking that you are inebriated.

Too many things can go wrong during a DWI stop. Experienced former Assistant District Attorney Michael R. Franzese digs for the facts of your case, uses that evidence to discredit police versions of your behavior, moves to suppress evidence that could incriminate you and generally safeguards your interests throughout the legal process.

Were you involved in a traffic accident in which alcohol was a factor? Did you refuse a breath test at the arrest scene? Are you a professional driver who fears that your commercial license, the basis for your livelihood, is in danger of suspension or revocation?

You have no time to lose. Our law firm can be your loyal ally and advocate during this uphill battle at a difficult time in your life.

Arrested For DWI? Defense Lawyer Michael R. Franzese Works Hard To Protect All Of Your Rights.

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