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December 2017 Archives

Detailing the duty to remain at the scene of an accident

Many in Mineola may not even consider leaving the scene of accident in which injuries are involved. Yet what about those single-car crashes that only result in property damage? The temptation may be there (especially in accidents where there were no witnesses and that do not render vehicles inoperable) to simply drive away and leave the property owner to guess as to what caused the damage. Given that no one else was hurt by a driver's actions in such cases, he or she may not classify leaving the scene as a hit-and-run. Unfortunately, that is not how the law sees it. 

What actions are considered to be stalking?

Stalking in New York and across the nation can be a dangerous behavior that is not limited to ex-spouses or former boyfriends and girlfriends. However, the behavior does not always seem dangerous. You may intend to be sweet or romantic by continuing to send gifts or letters to an ex-partner; however, these actions can get you into trouble.

What is Leandra's Law?

The holiday season is upon us in New York, with all of its yuletide merriment and festive events. For anyone tempted to drive after imbibing a bit too much at a holiday party, a reminder about Leandra’s Law is in order.

A DUI can seriously damage your career

It's Friday and you have had a long week at work. As usual, you drive over to your favorite Mineola watering hole to consume some adult beverages. When happy hour ends, you decide to drive home instead of moving to the next bar with your friends.

Does a breathalyzer count as chemical testing?

Implied consent laws may be a new concept to many Mineola, yet they may be worth understanding in case you are ever in a position where a law enforcement officer asks you to take a sobriety test. Essentially, such laws state that by applying for the privilege of driving, you agree to submit to chemical testing in order to determine whether or not you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. New York does indeed have such a law, and a refusal of such testing could result in your license automatically being suspended for one year. Such a suspension may still be enforced by the state's Department of Motor Vehicles even if you are acquitted of the criminal charges leveled against you. 

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