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March 2018 Archives

Breath and BAC

There is typically one number that people in Mineola associate with drunk driving: .08. That is the blood-alcohol content measurement that is almost universally accepted as defining intoxication. Yet it is not the only number related to BAC that New York drivers need to worry about. Per the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, a BAC or .05 percent is enough to label a driver as being impaired, while a BAC of .18 percent qualifies one to be charged with aggravated DWI. 

Carrying knives in your possession in New York

The law when it comes to carrying knives can be very unclear, because there are many types of knives and differing laws attached to them. You may have a good reason to be carrying a knife in your possession -- perhaps you go hunting or fishing regularly. You may also carry a knife for your convenience at work, especially when you work in a physically active role that requires a knife to cut boxes or rope.

Misappropriation of funds reason for Mount Vernon mayor's arrest

Most in Mineola might think that a charge of larceny would be fairly simple to either prove or disprove: either one stole something, or he or she did not. Yet as is the case with many areas of the law, fighting such an accusation is not always that simple. In some cases, one might have acted in a manner that he or she thought was completely legal (even at the advice of others), only to later face allegations that he or she stole something. 

Defining aggravated assault

People in Mineola often throw out the word "assault" to describe any manner of different offenses. Some may use it to describe a verbal tirade on directs at another, while some might cite in cases where an actual physical altercation occurred. However it is used, you likely care the most about its context when it is used against you. The circumstances of an alleged assault will often dictate the criminal charges that accompany it. The added description of "aggravated" used in the accusations against you should be cause for concern. Yet we here at The Law Firm of Michael R. Franzese can assure you this descriptor cannot simply be applied to a case randomly. 

College basketball coach facing domestic violence charges

Those facing charges of domestic violence in Mineola could find themselves having to deal with some very serious consequences (independent of the criminal penalties they may be facing). The mere idea that they are even associated with such an incident could put a permanent stain on their reputations. If one happens to work in a public position (or one that requires public trust), then the damage done to their reputation could reasonable jeopardize their careers. It is for this reason that a rush to judgment should be avoided at all costs when such allegations are being investigated. 

Is there a defense for theft?

To the average New Yorker, it might seem that theft is a simple act, with a simple defense; either someone took something without permission or they did not. However, there may be an easy—or at least honest—explanation of why you have the item in your possession. Every case is different, but there are several defenses for theft or larceny.

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