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Domestic Violence Archives

College basketball coach facing domestic violence charges

Those facing charges of domestic violence in Mineola could find themselves having to deal with some very serious consequences (independent of the criminal penalties they may be facing). The mere idea that they are even associated with such an incident could put a permanent stain on their reputations. If one happens to work in a public position (or one that requires public trust), then the damage done to their reputation could reasonable jeopardize their careers. It is for this reason that a rush to judgment should be avoided at all costs when such allegations are being investigated. 

What should you do if you are put under a protective order?

You may consider your relationship with your spouse or partner to be like any other in Mineola, experiencing the customary ups and downs that all romantic partnerships do. That may be the reason why the news of your being served with a protective order comes as such a shock. Your initial reaction may be to reach to your significant other to try and work things out. However, doing so could qualify as contempt of court, which, if you are found guilty of, could leave you facing criminal penalties. So what should you do in such a situation? 

What actions are considered to be stalking?

Stalking in New York and across the nation can be a dangerous behavior that is not limited to ex-spouses or former boyfriends and girlfriends. However, the behavior does not always seem dangerous. You may intend to be sweet or romantic by continuing to send gifts or letters to an ex-partner; however, these actions can get you into trouble.

Cyberstalking in new york

Domestic violence is no light matter, regardless of where the abuse takes place. A new type of this behavior has become prominent in recent years, and involves online methods of stalking individuals in a domestic setting. Cyberstalking can open the door for a multitude of issues, especially given the wide range of social media platforms offered today. There may be many grey areas when it comes to this type of violence, but New York makes clear that the consequences can be both severe and lasting for all of those involved.

New york turns an open ear to broken children

No area of the United States is exempt from domestic violence. Unfortunately, families report thousands of cases each year, and often the members most affected by this violence are children. Many children who experience violent, traumatic experiences often carry the negative repercussions from those experiences into adulthood. New York is one state that has recognized the need for additional resources for children who have gone through troubling incidents.

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