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Larceny Archives

Misappropriation of funds reason for Mount Vernon mayor's arrest

Most in Mineola might think that a charge of larceny would be fairly simple to either prove or disprove: either one stole something, or he or she did not. Yet as is the case with many areas of the law, fighting such an accusation is not always that simple. In some cases, one might have acted in a manner that he or she thought was completely legal (even at the advice of others), only to later face allegations that he or she stole something. 

Is there a defense for theft?

To the average New Yorker, it might seem that theft is a simple act, with a simple defense; either someone took something without permission or they did not. However, there may be an easy—or at least honest—explanation of why you have the item in your possession. Every case is different, but there are several defenses for theft or larceny.

Petit larceny: when a penalty far outweighs the crime

When the seriousness of a penalty far outweighs the crime, there is clearly an issue at hand. Such is the case for countless New Yorkers who have been found guilty of larceny; some, unfortunately, have already faced major repercussions. These charges, while reasonable to a degree, can ultimately damage a person's reputation, professional life and overall wellbeing. 

Shoplifting in new york is not always what it seems

New York is easily known as one of the biggest shopping meccas in the world. Tourists and locals alike flock to its diverse and alluring shopping centers, but with this popularity comes the occasional shoplifting incident. While state laws work to deter shoppers from pocketing products, those found guilty of this crime can sometimes deal with the repercussions to exhausting lengths. Below are some accessible facts about shoplifting, including state laws and common defenses for theft charges.

I accidentally wrote a bad check! What will happen?

What may happen by issuing a bad check in New York can depend on a lot of factors. Issuing a bad check can result in you charges of violating New York Penal Law 109.05. That is a class B misdemeanor. If convicted, you can receive a sentence of up to 90 days of incarceration and have to pay a fine.

Despite newer cars, auto theft is still a common crime

At one time, automobile theft was a common problem, especially in thriving cities such as New York. Today, cases of auto theft may not be as prominent as in years past, but the consequences are harsher than ever before. Although trends in crime are veering away from car theft in some places, there are a number of vehicles that nevertheless have higher chances of being stolen. What other factors play into the crime of larceny in big cities?

Reviewing New York's lost property laws

Nearly everyone in Mineola has likely heard a story of someone finding something of value that has been lost in a place like a restaurant or a park. Such occurrences may be much more common than most believe. Research data shared by The New York Daily News shows that one in five Americans loses a personal item every week, with the average person losing up to $5,591 in belongings during his or her lifetime. The question is what obligations do those who find lost or mislaid items have in terms of returning them in order to avoid being accused of theft? 

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