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Traffic Violations Archives

Detailing the duty to remain at the scene of an accident

Many in Mineola may not even consider leaving the scene of accident in which injuries are involved. Yet what about those single-car crashes that only result in property damage? The temptation may be there (especially in accidents where there were no witnesses and that do not render vehicles inoperable) to simply drive away and leave the property owner to guess as to what caused the damage. Given that no one else was hurt by a driver's actions in such cases, he or she may not classify leaving the scene as a hit-and-run. Unfortunately, that is not how the law sees it. 

Understanding New York's traffic violation points system

Who in Mineola has not been cited for some sort of traffic infraction before? Something like a speeding ticket or a citation for failing to completely stop at a stop sign is not likely to land you in jail. Unfortunately, the perceived triviality of traffic infractions often prompts people to believe that they do not need to be taken seriously. Such people may end up coming to us here at The Law Firm of Michael R. Franzese shocked that they are now facing a license suspension. If you hope to avoid such a penalty, you may want to educate yourself on New York's traffic points system. 

Consequences of leaving the scene of an accident

Drivers in New York who leave the scene of an accident can expect some major consequences if they end up getting caught. Drivers who are involved in a crash, whether it is with another vehicle, a pedestrian or physical property, are required to stop and exchange information with the other parties involved. Although it may seem easier to flee in a chaotic situation, doing so is not a good idea.

Nat'l Motorists Assn urges feds to end push for ticket quotas

"The federal and state governments treat motorists like disciplinarian 'spare the rod, spoil the child' parents," says the head of the National Motorists Association, "except that motorists aren't children and there is scant evidence that the penalties inflicted by forced ticketing campaigns improve highway traffic safety,"

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