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Consequences of leaving the scene of an accident

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2017 | Traffic Violations |

Drivers in New York who leave the scene of an accident can expect some major consequences if they end up getting caught. Drivers who are involved in a crash, whether it is with another vehicle, a pedestrian or physical property, are required to stop and exchange information with the other parties involved. Although it may seem easier to flee in a chaotic situation, doing so is not a good idea.

According to YPD Crime, the punishment involved with hit-and-run accidents varies depending on the situation. In circumstances in which the accident causes injury to another person, the fine can range from $250 to $500 and is considered a class B misdemeanor for the first offense, and $500 to $1,000 and a class A misdemeanor for subsequent violations. These fines are in addition to other penalties such as jail time. Serious injury constitutes a class E felony, and death is considered to be a Class D felony, and these fines can be thousands of dollars.

Not everyone who is around a hit-and-run accident is required to report the incident. According to FindLaw, the above consequences do not apply to individuals who are not directly caught up in the crash. This includes other drivers just passing by, witnesses and even passengers of the vehicles involved. If these people choose to leave the scene there will be no penalties associated with it. However, law enforcement personnel depend on the help and information from those who witnessed the crash and can provide identifying information, so they are encouraged to stick around and share any helpful data they can.