Committed To Protecting Your Rights In Domestic Violence Cases

A domestic abuse conviction can have negative impact on rights that many of us take for granted. If a jury finds you guilty of domestic violence, you could be cut out of your children’s lives entirely, after a divorce; robbed of your right to own a firearm; and subject to adjustment of immigration status, if you are not a U.S. citizen.

You may still have an opportunity to avoid these outcomes, along with a lengthy jail term and substantial fines that harm your bank accounts. You should seize that chance to retain the most experienced, client-focused criminal defense representation you can find in the Mineola, Nassau County and Long Island areas.

At The Law Firm of Michael R. Franzese, you receive every advantage of our law firm founder’s years as a prosecutor, deep knowledge of the state criminal justice system, negotiating skills and litigation techniques, access to investigative resources and track record of success.

Experienced Defense Lawyer — And Former Prosecutor — On Your Side

During your initial consultation, we invite you to describe what happened — circumstances that led to your arrest for hands-on or verbal abuse, spousal abuse or child abuse that could include stalking, harassment, intimidation and terroristic threats. Michael R. Franzese gathers the facts of your case and bargains with prosecutors on your behalf. If your case must go to court, Mr. Franzese will be fully prepared to strongly voice your goals in court.

Were you falsely accused of domestic violence? Don’t allow yourself to be defined by half-truths spoken about you. Take action now to ensure that your rights — all of them — are protected. Contact The Law Firm of Michael R. Franzese and talk to our accomplished defense attorney in an initial consultation. Just call (516) 953-4449 or reach him by email.