The Solid Guidance And Support You Need When Facing Serious Drug Charges

A conviction on serious state felony drug charges can effectively end your life: in jail or prison, with heavy fines, a criminal record and permanent damage to your personal and professional reputation.

To avoid these harsh outcomes, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side — one who knows how prosecutors think, knows how to prepare a case, know how to investigate, negotiate and litigate, and best of all … knows how to get results.

In Nassau County, that lawyer is Michael R. Franzese.

Drug charges such as possession and sale, trafficking in heroin or “cutting” heroin with methamphetamine are serious business with serious consequences for your future. At The Law Firm of Michael R. Franzese, our former prosecutor stays one step ahead of state attorneys who would convict and punish you. He thoroughly investigates your arrest and prepares your case, negotiates with government lawyers to improve your legal position and is fully prepared to litigate against them in court if necessary.

Michael R. Franzese — Totally Committed To Protecting All Of Your Rights

Do you suspect that your drug crime arrest was the result of a Fourth Amendment violation of your rights, such as illegal search and seizure, and a warrant-less search of your person, your home or motor vehicle?

Were you coerced into confessing a crime you did not commit? Were drugs planted on you by someone claiming to be your friend?

Get answers to these questions today — because a drug crime arrest can lead to a life behind bars. Schedule an initial consultation with Michael R. Franzese by calling (516) 953-4449 or sending an email message.