Former District Attorney Protecting
The Accused And Seeking Justice For The Injured.

A Warrior For Justice On Behalf Of Those Facing Sex Offense Charges

When you’re facing any kind of sex offense allegation, you need a strong defense lawyer who knows how to stand up to the prosecution. Lawyer Michael R. Franzese in Long Island is a former district attorney who knows how to fight back against serious charges such as sex crimes. Because he used to prosecute criminal cases, he understands what it takes to pursue a powerful defense.

All Sex Offense Charges Are Serious

Michael understands the severity of sex offenses. They can not only cost you your rights and freedom, but also result in permanent damage to your reputation and even mandatory registration as a sex offender.

You can rely on Michael to tenaciously represent you against charges such as:

  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual abuse
  • Sex crimes against minors
  • Soliciting prostitution
  • And others

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, Michael knows how to effectively challenge the charges.

Swift Intervention Is Critical

If you’re under investigation or already facing charges for a sex crime in New York, now is the time to enlist a defense attorney. Michael can get to work quickly on protecting your rights from the outset. He can shield you from investigative tactics that are designed to ensnare you into volunteering information that could be used against you. He will take a proactive approach to preventing charges whenever possible. If you’ve already been charged, he will start building a strong defense while protecting your rights and reputation.

Get The Capable Defense You Deserve

Don’t cut corners or shortchange yourself when you’re facing the most serious legal trouble you may ever encounter. Contact The Law Firm of Michael R. Franzese anytime, day or night, for a free consultation. Call 516-259-1075.