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The ins and outs of New York’s speeding laws

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2018 | Traffic Violations |

No matter how much planning goes into an errand or event, many New York drivers could agree that rushing on the road is all too tempting. Even when punctuality is not a concern, the speedometer can travel higher than speed limits in the blink of an eye. As for New York speeding laws, there are a few details drivers can keep in mind to avoid trouble on the road.

The New York Post is quick to argue that traffic tickets are simply a way of business in today’s world. New York is not alone, either, as most states enforce strict penalties for seemingly insignificant traffic offenses. The results? According to The Post, unreasonably high ticket prices cause a severe imbalance in the country’s wealth. While speeding can certainly prove dangerous, most drivers will violate speed limits at some point in their lives, and many will face the frustrating obstacles of exorbitant fees and, in some situations, traffic school and revoked licenses. All the while, states continue to issue increasingly high tickets to drivers.

Many drivers can agree that state speeding laws are difficult; learning the ropes, however, can help one prevent a ticket that can take months to pay off. The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee of the state of New York shares the basic regulations surrounding speeding laws, first noting that speed violations range from 3 to 11 — a driver could lose his or her license with an 11 point ranking. Safety, as most New York residents would expect, is the Committee’s top priority, as driving at high speeds naturally makes slowing down harder for drivers. There may be an ongoing debate on New York’s speeding laws, but the website for traffic safety also shares that the state has no plans of raising speed limits to 65 mph on additional roads. For now, drivers must drive at enforced speed limits or possibly face a mountain of traffic fees.