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What's the New York SAFE Act?

Following the tragic 2012 gun attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School, when a gunman murdered six adults and 20 children, states around the country chose to enact stricter gun control legislation -- and the state of New York was no exception. In fact, New York was one of the first to create new laws in response to the tragedy.

Carrying knives in your possession in New York

The law when it comes to carrying knives can be very unclear, because there are many types of knives and differing laws attached to them. You may have a good reason to be carrying a knife in your possession -- perhaps you go hunting or fishing regularly. You may also carry a knife for your convenience at work, especially when you work in a physically active role that requires a knife to cut boxes or rope.

3 options for an assault and battery defense

Like other criminal offenses, an assault and battery charge can have lasting consequences. A conviction can result in expensive fines and even jail time. Beyond that, it can seriously damage your personal and professional life. You could lose your job or professional license due to a criminal conviction. You might even have problems finding a new apartment in Mineola and other cities or run into various other complications due to your criminal record. This is why building a strong defense is so important to your future.

A DUI can seriously damage your career

It's Friday and you have had a long week at work. As usual, you drive over to your favorite Mineola watering hole to consume some adult beverages. When happy hour ends, you decide to drive home instead of moving to the next bar with your friends.

Low blood glucose level can lead to a false DWI

If you are a diabetic, you have a chance of receiving a driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge simply due to having low blood glucose levels. The main reason for this is that the symptoms of low blood glucose are similar to someone who is under the influence of alcohol. These similarities can cause law enforcement officers to issue a false DWI.

Shoplifting electronics and expensive items can cost you

Shoplifting is made to look like a minor issue on television and in movies. Security guards often call spouses or parents, simply seeking payment for the items involved. In the real world, those accused of shoplifting could face very serious criminal charges. Perhaps a display item fell into a pocket or something costly was underneath your cart during checkout. It only takes a second to end up in legal trouble because of an honest mistake.

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